February 22, 2023

The Sailing and Rowing Federation and Emirates Kiteboarding Association, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Maritime, launch Kite Beach, a free-of-charge facility with numerous safety features

 Abu Dhabi, UAE, 22 February 2023: The Sailing and Rowing Federation (SARF) and the Emirates Kiteboarding Association (EKA), in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Maritime, have opened a new beach on Yas Island dedicated for kite-surfers. Located in the North Yas Island area, Kite Beach will support the growing popularity of the sport in the UAE, while helping to position Abu Dhabi as a world-class destination for aquatic sports.

The area will be exclusively for kitesurfing, with no other sea activities, such as swimming, jet skis or the use of motorised boats, permitted. Kite Beach will be a free-of-charge kitesurfing only public beach and will have stringent security measures to ensure safety. To access the site, regular kitesurfers will be asked to register for an annual membership card at the security gate using their Emirates ID and a passport photo, while kitesurfing visitors will be asked to provide their ID and sign a disclaimer.

Novice and would-be kite-surfers will be able to get started safely with lessons from EKA-approved kitesurfing instructors available on site.

With more than 330 days of sunshine per year, the UAE offers an ideal climate for water sports enthusiasts, with activities such as yachting and jet skiing already popular. As the custodian of Abu Dhabi’s waterways, Abu Dhabi Maritime works to create the necessary infrastructure and regulatory frameworks to support a safe and secure environment for residents and visitors to enjoy these activities.

H.E. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, President of the UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation and Chairman, Emirates Kiteboarding Association commented: “The UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation and Emirates Kiteboarding Association is pleased to work with Abu Dhabi Maritime to develop a safe, clean, and high-quality environment dedicated to kitesurfing. This inclusive activity is proving popular among both men and women, as well as appealing to a variety of age groups. We hope that the opening of the new Kite Beach will help our mission to promote kitesurfing within the UAE, with the availability to EKA-approved kitesurfing instructors ensuring that people can enjoy the sport safely.”

Captain Saif Al Mheiri, Managing Director, Abu Dhabi Maritime said: “As the custodian of Abu Dhabi’s waterways, we are pleased to maximise the Emirate’s potential as a hub for recreational and competitive water sports such as kitesurfing.

“We also hope to support the work of the Emirates Kiteboarding Association to make the UAE a top global destination for kite-surfers, while helping to facilitate Abu Dhabi’s continuous evolution into one of the world’s premier locations for sport.”

The new Kite Beach at North Yas will be open from sunrise to sunset. The beach entrance location can be found here: https://goo.gl/maps/9FZmDf8uwYKyXCMr9.