August 16, 2021

Jet Ski Licencing for Commercial

Licencing of jet ski used by companies using jet skis for commercial and non-commercial purposes in the emirate of Abu Dhabi
Service Target Customers

Companies registered in Abu Dhabi, using jet skis for commercial (rental, providing water activities etc.) and non-commercial purposes (e.g. inspections, transportation and other corporate purposes)


A jet ski licence is valid for one year and can be renewed for a similar period

Issuing of Jet Ski Licence (New*)
  1. Jet ski owners shall register through Abu Dhabi Maritime website or visit Abu Dhabi Maritime customer service centre
  2. Initiate an online request attaching all the required documents
  3. Select the inspection appointment (at the customer service centre or remotely at a preferred location)
  4. Pay the registration fees
  5. Complete technical inspection with Abu Dhabi Maritime inspector at the chosen location

Customer should attach clear copies of the required documents. Original documents will be inspected during technical inspection for verification. To review the list of required documents, please access e-service

*Please note, your first registration with Abu Dhabi Maritime will be considered as new.

Service Fee
  • Registration Fee: 200 AED
  • Inspection Fee: 100 AED
  • Remote Inspection: 300 AED
The expected completion time of the service

Processing time varies depending on the inspection procedures relating to the inspection location


The service requires the jet ski owner or a representative to either book remote inspection or bring the jet ski to a designated Abu Dhabi Maritime inspection centre with the original documents for verification

Customers Inquiries Handling Time

All customer enquiries shall be handled within a period that does not exceed 48 hours

Service Provision Channels and Provision Timing

For further information please contact: or visit our Customer Service Centre: Abu Dhabi Maritime Unified Licence Centre open 09.00 – 21.00hrs (Saturday to Thursday)

To access information regarding the documents required, the procedure and locations for inspections of your watercraft Access e-service.