August 16, 2021

Marina Berth Leasing Contract Attestation

New, renew, modification and cancellation of Marina Berth Leasing Contract and its attestation
Service Target Customers

Marina operators and management companies that lease berths to public and commercial users


Attested lease contract is valid for one year and can be renewed for a similar period

Service Procedures and Required Documents
Marina Berth Leasing Contract Attestation
  1. Upon each marina berth lease (wet or dry) marina management to apply through Abu Dhabi Maritime website by filling up the contract particulars
  2. Submit the required documents and pay the prescribed fee
  3. Both parties, Lessor and Lessee, to accept the terms & conditions and digitally sign the leasing contact prior to submission
Document required
  1. Emirates ID copy / passport copy / visa copy of the marine craft owner
  2. Valid insurance of the marine craft
  3. Valid registration copy of the marine craft
  4. Commercial / trade license copy of marina operator
  5. Additional term & conditions agreed and signed between the parties (if any)
  6. Power of attorney (POA) in favour of marina berth lease applicant if the applicant is not the owner of the marine craft

After completing all the procedures, the marina operator and vessel owner can download the attested berth leasing contract from the service portal or from the link provided by the customer service centre. The same should be considered as original

Service Fee

Attestation Fee (New/Renew/Modification/Cancellation): 100 AED Service Fee

Payment Methods

Customers shall pay the applicable fees through an online payment gateway available via Abu Dhabi Maritime online applications.

Expected Completion Time

Within 24 hours of completed application received

Customer Enquiry Handling Time

All customer enquiries shall be handled within a period that does not exceed 48 hours

Service Provision Channels and Provision Timing

For further information, please contact: or call 800 10 20 30

To access information regarding the documents required and the procedure, please access e-service