May 10, 2023

Permit to moor or anchor at undesignated location

Permitting the marine craft to stay, moor or anchor at undesignated location to ensure safety of navigation

Ensuring all maritime activities are conducted in safe and secure manner and incompliance to applicable standards and codes. Monitoring the movements of vessels ensuing operation in suitably risk assessed

Customer Journey

The vessel’s shipping agent or the captain shall apply at Abu Dhabi Maritime for vessel anchorage or mooring permit in the designated anchorages and mooring buoys in emirate’s waters before or on arrival of the vessel, stating anchorage and mooring duration and purpose. Follow below steps:

  1. Complete the application online
  2. Submit the required documents as applicable
  3. Pay the prescribed fee
  4. Print the permit from the system or link provided in the email

The Application shall be summited at least 3 working days in advance prior the operation