August 16, 2021

Permit to moor or anchor at designated location

Issuing marine anchorage or mooring permits in Abu Dhabi waters in designated anchorage areas and mooring with mooring buoys

Abu Dhabi Maritime shall issue anchorage and mooring permits for vessels upon their application for such permits while operating within the waters of the Emirate before, or upon, the arrival of the vessel, and specifying the anchorage or mooring period and its purpose.

Customer Journey

The vessel’s shipping agent or captain shall apply for an anchorage or mooring permit with Abu Dhabi Maritime, and utilise the designated anchorage/mooring buoys located across the waters of the Emirate, and must state the anchorage/mooring duration and purpose.
Follow these steps:

  1. Submit an online application for anchoring or mooring
  2. Attach all required documents
  3. Pay applicable fee

The shipping agent shall notify Abu Dhabi Maritime of vessel time of departure from anchorage area, and pay all required fees