August 16, 2021

Permit for Anchoring or Mooring

Anchoring in designated anchorages for pleasure boats, fishing vessels, marine units and other boats
Main Service

Anchorage permit for pleasure boats

Steps and procedures for applying the service
  1. Complete application form (online)
  2. Pay the prescribed fee
  3. Attach below documents:
  • Ship Registration Certificate
  • Master Certificate of Competency or Boat Driver License
  • Ship Insurance Certificate
  • Navigation License (on request)
  • Last 10 port of calls (foreign crafts)
  • Last port clearance
  • Class Certificates
  • Vessel Particulars
  • Provide insurance certificates for seafarers on board merchant ships with a capacity of 200
    GT or more. In line with Regulation 2.5 and 4.2 of the MLC 2006 as amended, and shall have
    certificate issued as an evidence of insurance by a P&I club approved by the ship flag state
Cost of the Service


The number of visits to obtain the service